Visitors to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park come across an area, partially secluded that seems to be a forgotten place..

What appears to be the remains of a playing field is still visible through the overgrown grass. As people explore this area they unlock the ghostly sound of past sporting activity.

It is not clear what kind of game was played here. As they move across the warped wooden floor of the playground the sounds of the players, their encouragements and successes are woven into a gentle ambiance – all created by their motion in the area.

The playground is flanked by seating on either side. As with the playground the seating is also a gateway into retrieving the past sounds of the area. When sat or leant on, they unlock the sound of the spectators watching the game, their conversations, cheers and applause.

The installation was completed in August 1999 and is open to the public seven days a week.