In The City

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Expanded to 94 full colour pages, this beautiful hardback volume is fully illustrated throughout.

The public art produced by Greyworld over the last 17 years has garnered a reputation for being unignorable, playful and deeply imaginative. Their projects are things of fantasy, which wouldn’t look out of place in a children’s book. Logically then the people at Greyworld have created a 94 page full-colour children’s book to demonstrate the history of the group…

Design Week


Divided in to three sections, the first part of this beautiful book tells the story of a little girl living in a magical city, where railings are tuned, carpets make music, the benches come over when you whistle to them, and life has unexpected joys..

The second section reveals that each of these ideas are actually artworks that greyworld have created, each one permanently installed somewhere in the world.

With full page imagery throughout, the book features huge detailed photos, an interview with the artists and an essay by Dr. Charlie Gere.


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