Jul 20, 2002

Dog eat Dog

written by greyworld
in category Indoor

We were invited by the BBC to create two interactive games to appear on this popular television programme.

The first game, Video Jigsaw, used a hidden camera and a plasma screen to create a jigsaw puzzle of the contestants face, which was broken into a series of squares. The contestant had to look at their image in the plasma and try to reassemble their face. However, the camera continued to take a live feed of their face as they tried to piece it back together, only heightening their frustration and tension.

The second game, Stealth floor, was chosen by the producers to be the final game on each programme, which would decide the outcome of this ruthless competition. The final two contestants were asked to walk across a sensitive surface that would buzz when too much pressure was applied to the colourful tiles. When the buzzer was activated the contestant had to return to the beginning of the floor to start again. It was an agonising race to the finishing button each week, with whoever touching the button first winning all the prize money.

Lots of fun.