Apr 20, 2006

Flavin Music

written by greyworld
in category Indoor, Multiple

Soundscape is a work inspired by Dan Flavin’s iconic light installations to accompany a retrospective of his work at the Hayward Gallery in London.

The sound work is comprised of six individual compositions, which respond to Flavin’s installations in a particular space in the gallery. Each piece infuses the gallery space with sound in a way that compliments Flavin’s compositions of “electric light defining space”.

The soundscape draws on the key themes of the exhibition, capturing Flavin’s ironic sense of humour, complex relationship with religion and commitment to minimalism. Choral elements interweave with spare electronica, hypnotic drones, sustained echoes and elegiac melodies to create a rich tapestry of sound that responds to Flavin’s revolutionary use of light as a medium for creative expression.

Visitors to the gallery were able to download the sound work from the gallery’s website onto their MP3 players to listen to as they explored the gallery. Apple also donated twenty i-pods to allow visitors without access to an MP3 player to experience the soundscape.

The exhibition ran from January-April 2006 and was the first comprehensive retrospective of Dan Flavin’s work.

Track One
Track Two
Track Three
Track Four
Track Five
Track Six