Apr 15, 2009


written by greyworld
in category Outdoor, Permanent

As visitors approach the square they encounter a series of thirty metal columns.

At first glance each object would appear to be an ordinary bollard, ubiquitous in public spaces. However, these objects have been injected with a magic serum that has transformed them into elegant music boxes. As people pass through out the space, the columns respond directly to their motion and spin gently, playing unique fragments of sound.

A matrix of lights, embedded into the columns scores the music with a series of luminous notes. Together the columns form an urban choir, or orchestra, each with their individual voices that would come together to create a harmonious musical performance, capturing people’s presence in the space. The installation creates a series of digital melodies that weave together to create a unique composition, held in the air for a brief moment.

[vimeo id=”10778613″]