Dec 20, 2000

Parkbench 2

written by greyworld
in category Outdoor, Touring

The park bench: a place for quiet contemplation, for lovers, for tension, for refuge and for desire.

In December 2000 we were invited to create an installation for an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, “Nurture and Desire”, alongside work by Mona Houtum, Chris Ofilli, Tracey Emin and Nick Knight. We created a wooden bench, equipped with rocking legs, allowing people sitting on the bench to rock gently back and forth. As they rock a sound environment is generated that evokes the imaginary life that is lived out on the bench.

Ford of Britain has purchased this original artwork to benefit Breakthrough Breast Cancer and to enable Bench 2 to become a permanent public artwork through a competition to find the most suitable location for it in the UK.