Aug 20, 1999

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written by greyworld
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Greyworld’s work has always used sound as a vital element in the installation.

Sound is an important part of everything we create – from playful sound installations in foot tunnels, with railings and bus stops, to brainstorming in the studio with a pot of coffee and some Ella Fitzgerald in the background. Here’s a selection of past tracks we’ve created, inspired by the forgotten art of Musak, the musical potential of fridges, and the number Zero…

We have always been fascinated by the creative potential of Musak – highly sophisticated musical compositions reduced to simple aural wallpaper. Radio Moonlight is an album that creates a fictitious radio station, dedicated to the fine art of Musak that you might encounter on your way home at 4am, eyes tired, searching for something to listen to. “That was the Bossanova Combo, and Shake em.”

Zero is a track that we wrote for an album featuring compositions by several sound artists, each inspired by the number zero. It may be more musings on Musak…

To accompany our sound installation, called the Layer, at Greenwich Foot tunnel we created an album of samples taken from the installation. Each track captures the passage of a different ‘walkers’ travelling through the space, from old men with walking sticks to  a young couple with a small baby…

All our albums are available for purchase. More information will be posted here soon.