Jun 4, 2002

Six Lifts

written by greyworld
in category Indoor

In September 2002 Sonic Arts Network was asked to produce an installation for the CISAC World Congress 2002, the annual conference for the international confederation of authors and composers.

The conference was coordinated by the PRS in the UK and attracts over 1000 delegates, senior executives responsible for managing audio-visual rights.

Greyworld were invited to create a work for the conference. Lifts (6) was placed in the lifts of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and offered the user of these lifts something different. Each lift had silver panels added to the walls, each panel containing a wide variety of switches, pulleys, rotating dials, knobs and buttons begging the traveller to press pull twist and turn these buttons. Each interaction was rewarded with a lift-filling soundscape which quickly became the talking point of the Conference.