Apr 20, 1999


written by andrew

Sound Awards celebrates the unique sounds found in our cities.

The project began thirteen years ago, as an ongoing art scheme in urban areas. Originally, the awards were installed without permission, appearing over night in areas of outstanding sonic importance.

In order that the plaques may be seen by many, the awards are now installed permanently, and their locations listed in the Sound Award logs that will be visitable online. We are currently in the process of adding the entire Soundawards list to the site, including maps and recordings.

For more information visit: soundawards.org when its complete!

P.S Over the years since we created the Soundawards installation there have been many projects that have sought to record or map areas of sonic importance. We will link to them here shortly. However, greyworld’s Soundawards installation is unique in several ways. Firstly, the project is primarily concerned with urban areas – the unmarked Sonic Monuments that exist in cities. In many ways, these are truer works of public art than the bronze statue or the highly polished rock we often find in cities. Secondly, whilst greyworld created the system, anyone can award a location a Soundaward and log its location.

Soundaward 79 [Audio]