Dec 20, 2003

The Game

written by greyworld
in category Outdoor, Permanent

“The thrill is not in the bang, only in the anticipation of it” – Alfred Hitchcock

The Game is monument to Alfred Hitchcock in his birthplace – Leytonstone, east London. Visitors to the Jubilee Gardens come across a paved area, a space composed of flat concrete paving slabs, each in one of eight shades of grey. The participants may not be aware that the arrangement of tiles forms a cohesive whole; at a distance, from the top of a bus for example, the face of Hitchcock is clearly visible the director’s last cameo.

Sensitized slabs doted around the paved area pick up movement on their surface and produce sound events throughout the space. There are clearly rules to this game, but what are they?

Certainly, movement makes the installation come alive and the visitors soon become aware of this fact, but the interaction is not limited to a tile triggering an event. Users need to trigger a series of tiles to play and they need to collaborate with other to unlock some parts. Some elements may have their rules changed as people become aware of the sequences need to unlock them.