Jul 20, 2001

Urban Sketches

written by greyworld
in category Indoor, Multiple, Touring

Rather than showing a finished and looped piece of video art, Urban Sketches makes the space and its inhabitants become both the subject and the author of the work.

A series of cameras record the space and its inhabitants – the mirror like screen becoming the visual palette for an altered version of the captured reality. The volume of people, their movements and their spatial relationships generate the ‘treatment’ of the final piece. Watch yourself literally melt into the crowd, before bursting into fire and cruising down the street aflame.

Elements of the composition, which are static, can be treated very differently from those that move; moving people can become swarms of flies, with no solidity, whilst fixed or static elements remain solid even when behind a moving crowd. As the installation moves through its visual experiments, blue plasma streams through talking lips and trails gesticulating hands..

Urban Sketches has been permanently installed in the SONY flagship store in New York (2001) and in the 360 Degree Gallery in London’s award-winning Sketch club (2003). It is also installed at Sapient, London.

The work has also been shown temporarily in many locations, including at the Kirklees Media Centre, Eyestorm, and Watermans Art Gallery.