Nov 8, 2003


written by greyworld
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Waiting is a one minute film about AIDS created for Nelson Mandela’s charity ‘46664’ and shown at the landmark concert in Cape Town

On 29th November 2003, at the landmark 46664 concert in Cape Town Nelson Mandela unveiled a ground breaking artistic project: “46664 – A Minute of Art for Aids”. Performing alongside some of the world’s greatest musicians – from Beyonce and Bono to Dave Stewart and Peter Gabriel – were some of the world’s greatest artists.

Ten artists, from around the world, were asked to create a one minute film in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic currently inflicting Africa. The artists included, Bill Viola, Sam Taylor Wood, William Kentridge, Keith Haring, and Matthew Barney. Each film was shown for the first time in the intervals between the performances of the musicians.

We created ‘Waiting,’ a one-minute glimpse into a secret world of hidden pain. Viewed by almost 600 million people, the films are currently available on a Warner Brothers DVD.